This Will Be the Last Time

By Toni Stewart-

“And I promise you,” are the words she cried,

“Never again will I trust in any of your lies.”

As his Trickery of words,

Were all empty and absurd.


As he painted a complete vision,

Of his own neophyte religion.

Where he was his own priest,

Destroying her life, just like a thief.


Throwing her feelings amongst the rubble,

Dismissing her tears as if they were HIS troubles.

And on the wall just as clear as day,

Were the Writings and Red Flags on display?


Yet in the beginning, he was so inviting,

Only to pick-up and continue his Gaslighting.

"OH!!! How could I not see through your Fop


The most dangerous type . . .The Malignant


"This Will Be The Last Time,"

That your emotions will etwine."

"While forcing me to be verklempt,"

"From your clueless love's attempts."




Published on November 1st, 2022




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