Leaves under our feet

By Billie Ream

Have you ever got a phone call that makes you drop your jaw in a bit of
dismay, hearing that you are being let off your job that you’ve only been
working at for the seventh shift. That happened to me last week. Yep, you
know the tour guide job I mentioned last month well I had gave it my all and to
be honest I had no idea what I was doing. I wanted to be a tour guide, It
seemed logical. I like showing people around and I enjoy walking, it’s all the
knowledge that comes with being a “professional tour guide” that I was
lacking. A couple of horrible reviews and that was it. It’s a hard game to play,
the game of life and finding yourself. I didn’t let it get to me with any sense of
overwhelming sensation’s, but it had got to me enough to shed a couple of
On Sunday two days before my boss calls me up I had put all of my belongings
in storage or on the curb for hard rubbish collection from the council and sent
my cat to my friends in the heart of St Kilda. A suburb well known for it’s
beautiful sceneries along the beach and wild characters with diverse minds
straggling around the streets of all forms. At least my baby boy Syd will get
some love and be at peace with no other animals to bother him, only me when
I need a couch to sleep on. I am thrilled I get to see him and not have to miss
out on cuddles from an affectionate furball. I was out of the chains from
renting and my mind, now I have to minimalize all of my belongings to free my
sense of self from my past, whatever is holding me down needs to go and what
I’ve come to realise its me.
Every Thursday this month I have taken part in Salsa dancing at the Stella Maris
Seafarers rented room down Little Collins street about a three minute walk
from Southern Cross Station, a Hub that takes you to and from the airport with
V-line trains that will take you to the rural locations of Victoria.
Salsa dancing captivates the spirit and a great way to meet people that are
keen to dance and socialise. At first of course the nerves and the lack of
dancing skills were concerning, I had to remind myself we are all here for the
same reason and it’s ok to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I have one more
class this week then off to a social night on Saturday to put all the moves I’ve
learnt into action on the dance floor. I must admit I am looking forward to gaze
in a ladies eyes and hold her for a moment of our dance and them whoosh off
to the next person for a moment of social indulgence.

In between I’ve had a couple of dates getting to know different people and
really put myself out there in ways I’ve never done before.
It was my birthday just a day ago, the twenty-eighth of November the day I
turn thirty-one. I decided I will spend that day with myself and have a roll of
my dice on the train and see where I will end up with my guitar strapped to my
back and a smile on my face. I ended up at Wattle Park on the other side of
Melbourne. I am from the Western suburbs heading to the east. The difference
of land is amazing, the west of Melbourne is flat and desolate. The other side
of Melbourne is covered in luscious beautiful trees and steep hills layered with
beautiful houses that have been kept up to date, even though every second
house had the appearance of the 1900’s. Each house has its own character,
you can see where the Italians and Greeks had built, with vegetable gardens
and a beautiful array of flowers scattered around. To walk around Melbourne
in places I’ve never been is exhilarating and gives me a sense of life that is
fulfilled by the differences that surrounds.
The Travel Die Game
Go out and buy three or more die and a yes or no coin.
I have attached Melbourne’s Metro Train Map for referencing.
There are fifteen train lines in Melbourne that lead out to the further suburbs.
Three die will give you eighteen, I actually have nine pieces of die that I use five
from DnD and four regular die, It’s up to you how many die you buy. I figure
the more I have the more options that are open to me.
Roll all the die, add all the numbers up. Say you get fifty-three add the 5+3=8
8 is the Mulgrave line. Roll all the die again, add all the numbers up, we got five
which lands on the Auburn Station.
Always go from the main city station that the trains are leaving from. In this
case it is Flinders St Station
Now flip the yes or no coin. If it’s a yes go for your adventure. If it’s a no try
again. It’s all just a bit of fun and adventure. Get out there wherever you are

and have some fun, see your own city with new eyes if you can’t leave easily.


Published on December 7th, 2022




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