Once Upon a Christmas

By Philip Kennett

Does he remember the hour, or the year of his leaving,

of his departing, or the reasons there given  

does he lay awake, under those dreamy night stars 

upon that cold bench, and think of the past


does he think of loved ones, a life that once was

who does he remember, in his prayers to above

now hiding from the wind, and shelters from rain

where was he once, before life took this way  


slow his demise, from the cruel winter frost 

does he see his parents, asleep from his cot 

does he feel their care, in the first of the flakes

does he feel their cuddles, in winters hard haste


or on cold bitter nights, when the carolers sing

does he smile, while looking within

the inviting Christmas tree, through that yellowing light

does he recall hot coco, on cold Christmas nights


flickering flames, and of sweet Christmas carols

the stocking on his bed, and the morning of presents

does he remember toys, and festive merry cheer

the tearing paper, when Santa has been


does he remember laughter, and the family dinner

the taste of the gravy, the games and their winners

recall his siblings, and the outings to sing

reminiscing of songs, when went caroling


the cuddles of his mother, and his father old scent

does he remember Christmas and gifts he was sent 

of mothers voice, and of her gentle soft touch,

the  warmth of her lips, and being loved so much


does he

Dear Santa, have a wish this year

if he does, please give him some cheer….


Published on December 7th, 2022




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