By Abubakar Auwal

"After reading 'wormhole ' by Abubakar Sadiq"

And I am eager to sight how the time run with our days

And I've count breeze in the midst of the wind—

But I am sorry to sight my father's hands as (two)

Dragons; One girting with the past

While the other one is fisting

The future at a ceremony.

If my mother would tie her feathers on my tongue

Then I would've flown to drew her heart on walls of the sky

And I would've replants her words

In the same farm—

My father would met my flower

Combing her hairs—once again.


Published on January 1st, 2023


Abubakar Auwal is a teen poet, playwright, essayist, storyteller, and also a spoken word artist born in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. He is a member of The Poetic Collective (TPC VIII) and a founding-member of The Young Nigerlite Spoken word Artist (TYNSWA_1_). Abubakar’s works have been published or are forthcoming in Teen Lit Journal, Synchronized Chaos magazine , Hello Poetry, LILAC Journal,, Words Rhymes & Rhythm, Art, Al-fijir MSSN magazine and elsewhere. Furthermore he is an NDLEA WADA ambassador, former vice president at Hill–Top Drug Free Club, Sectary General of Muslims Students Society of Nigeria; Hill–Top Model School Branch. And proudly a member of Hill–Top Creative Arts Foundation National Head Quarter Minna and the president of the prestigious Hill-Top Model School Literary, Cultural, Social Sciences and Art Club.

He won the 2021 NYSC CDS Minna Axis Poetry Contest on War against Corruption and the 2022 NYSC CDS Minna Axis Editorial and Publicity Department; Spoken Word Poetry Contest which held in Hill-Top Model School Minna between students. Auwal can be reach on his social media handles through;

@Abusaddiq89 on Twitter

@saddiq700 on Instagram.




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