After her shift finished Myra O’Connor, who was formerly known as Myra
Kim, came home to the apartment in Old City, Philadelphia. She worked at the Taco
Bell in Northeast Philadelphia. The door closed behind her.
Myra walked through the apartment in her work clothes and her high heels.
She hummed very happily. That was because tonight was Myra’s first wedding
Myra went into the kitchen. She carried with her a white plastic bag with the
Taco Bell logo on it. Inside the bag were several soft taco Supremes. Myra brought
them home from work. The bag was stowed in the refrigerator.
With that done, Myra showered. Then she dressed for the night. Now as she
looked in the mirror, she was doing her hair and makeup.

Myra’s eyes looked down at the silver wedding ring on her finger. One year
ago today, her husband put it on her finger. Becoming Emmett’s wife was the
happiest day of Myra’s life.
She was a devout catholic. So was her husband. As soon as they could afford
it, Myra intended to stop working to become a stay at home housewife and in time
also become a stay at home mother.
Myra hummed. Her long black hair was brushed out. It fell down over her
shoulders. After a few minutes, she put her brush down on the sink.
Myra looked at her outfit as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror. She
knew she looked lovely in her long bright green dress. Without a doubt, Emmett
would think so as well.
Soon light pink strawberry colored lipstick covered her lips. Myra looked at
her face in the mirror. Her makeup including her mascara and the foundation of her
makeup looked lovely. Despite that, Myra concluded it would not be enough for this
very special night.
Tonight was their first wedding anniversary. Myra felt as if it were both a
very special and a very magical night. It should also be a very memorable night for
them. Myra decided to do her part to ensure that.
She decided she would make herself look extra radiant tonight. That would
make this night a truly magical anniversary night for both her and her husband. It

would also ensure neither of them would ever forget it. Myra reached over to her
open makeup kit. She closed her eyes.
With great skill, Myra applied some primer to her eyelids. Then she applied
some light pink eye shadow to them. She opened her eyes. Something she felt was
still missing. Myra applied some mascara to her eyelashes as an extra touch.
Myra looked into the mirror. Starring back at her was a vision of feminine
beauty and radiance. She smiled knowing her husband would love her appearance.
Myra looked down at her outfit. She concluded that there was only thing that
was missing. That was a nice pair of high heel shoes. No dress was complete with
out them. Thankfully, she brought a pair with her into the bathroom.
Myra slid her feet into them. They were green. They matched her dress.
Underneath them were four inches of heel.
Myra gave her face one last inspection. She was pleased with her hair and
her makeup. She looked down at her outfit.
A smile formed between her lips. She was very happy with her appearance.
Her transformation for the night was complete. Emmett would love her dress and
her heels. He would love her hair and her makeup as well.
Myra decided she needed to make one last inspection of her outfit. Now
Myra felt she was ready to greet her husband when he came home to her. She
looked at the clock. It was almost sixty thirty in the evening. Emmett would be
home from work soon.

Myra put away her makeup kit. Myra smiled to herself knowing she looked
truly lovely tonight. Emmett would think so as well.
She turned around. Her high heels clicked together. Her dress rubbed
against her body. Myra left the bathroom.
Myra walked through the apartment. Now, her destination was the
apartment door. She was going there to greet her husband. Myra wanted to be
there before her husband came home. That was because the first thing she wanted
Emmett to see when he came through the door on this very special night was her in
her lovely dress and her lovely high heels.


Published on January 1st, 2023




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