Dystopioan utopias 

By Douglas Colston

'Bad' or 'unfortunate' 

standards, topics, clichés, platitudes and possibilities 

are types of regions 

that negate 

commonly held standards, behaviour and reasoning … 

and opportunities. 


Utopias are, 


non-existent – 

they are not 

regions, commonplace, opportunities or possible … 

not that many 

perceive them as such. 



what is attainable  

is living 

in the mundane – 

ordinary physical existence 

that is occasionally tedious, profane or vulgar – 

and doing the best 

we can manage 

in each emerging moment. 


It is through doing the latter 

that we avoid, moderate or recover from 

each of the former. 


In and through  

the World, humanity and related tools and decorations 

we experience 

that which is clear, pure, nice, fine, elegant and sophisticated 

and while the diabolical exists, 

people are at cause … 

and people  

practising goodness, excellence, valour, prowess and virtue 

are the solution. 


Speaking clearly about the latter 

and facilitating requisite knowledge, skills and abilities 

rather than becoming distracted or mired 

in twisted fantasies of dystopian existence 

is always timely. 


Published on January 1st 2023




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