perspective – i

By Dr. Khusi Pattanayak, PhD

what’s your favourite subject?
no, i mean in school.
ice-cream it is! my teacher thinks it is a fantastic idea that i want to be a sorbetiere.
sorbetiere? an ice-cream maker? so why do you want to be a sorbetiere?
ice-cream makes me happy. ice-cream makes everyone happy. i want to make everyone happy.
but you cannot live only with happiness. once you grow up you will need money.

why would i need money?
to survive. let’s say you want to visit disneyland, you need money to buy tickets. they won’t let you
in without the tickets.

well…in that case, i will sell ice-cream in disneyland. i won’t have to buy tickets and my ice-cream will
make everyone happy !!


Published on January 1st, 2023




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