12 Days

By Ndaba Sibanda

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my happy honey sent me twelve heavy honeycombs
                with eleven live busy bees buzzing around
                hungrily l ploughed my mouth into them
and WOW! ten sharp stings were drilled into me in return
at nine o`clock l was whizzed to a funny family doctor
               who robotically administered eight jumping jabs
               on me without as much as a wink for his antics
l actually saw seven stars of dizziness with my naked eyes … and slept
for six silent hours like a dull dumped puppy pumpkin
               upon waking up the love of my life was there
               softly smooching me five times per minute non-stop!
telling me four fake ways of dreaming sweet dreams
three ways of avoiding snoring silly like a noisy tractor!
                and two wayward ways of making us
                one happy couple on a Christmas Day


Published on December 7th, 2022




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