Room Temperature  

By Patricia Walsh

You’ll never cease to be my heaven

Dross enough in attempts and rough drafts

Attempting a saccharine mess extraordinaire

Milking a honeycomb for answers escaped.

Why do I fear what I want the most?

Downcast eyes while eating my prize,

Sinking coffee like poison, pressure rising

Into a cost future affianced away.

Wish I could be with you. A tenuous clap

Betrays familiarizing with a cold applause

Lubrication where it matters, welcoming

A stranger under umbrage to see you through.

Offloading emotional baggage onto another

Sinking ships under weight of expectation

Using the wrong pronoun, used to it yet

The final cut is unexpected, searing into the soul.

Thinking of you, still, in the vein

Of previous letters, courtship on paper

Crushed by absence, counting the hours

Till the day of reunion holds true.

A single origin love. Making and doing

Anywhere covertly, on my own terms

Advice eschewed by the ignorant colleagues

Until free, a devil’s duty realized.


Published on January 1st, 2023




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