By Wallid Abdallah

You have become my addiction

Much better than any prediction

My day is never complete without you

You're the dream my heart aspires to draw

My day never starts without seeing your face

Your heart has become my only place

I can't resist the magic in your eyes

My love for you is an ocean that never dries

Your smile relieves all my pains

My heart is thirsty waiting for your rains

Your voice has become my favorite music

My love for you excelled any kind of logic

You have become the only dream I aspire to

My happiness has personified into you

Into your eyes I easily get lost

Your hug has become my only host

Forever is never enough to love my rose

Your love is the only thing I am afraid to lose

Come closer darling, you're my addiction

I need your hug, I need my injection


Published on January 1st, 2023

Biography Of Poet

Walid Abdallah is an Egyprian poet and author. He is a visiting professor of English language and literature in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the USA, his poetry includes "Go Ye Moon", "The Queen of my Heart", "Dream" and "My Heart Oasis". His books include Shout of Silence, Escape to the Realm of Imagination, The Egyptian Lane and Man Domination and Women Emancipation, and his co-translations with Any Fogle of Farouk Goweda's poetry have previously appeared in Image, RHINO, Reunion: Dallas Review, and Los Angeles Review. These translations won prestigious prizes in the USA like "Cause", "Egypt's Gief", and "Strangers' Cross".




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