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VOLUME 8                                                                                                                                            January 1st, 2023

Why Are You So Beautiful?

By Swayam Prashant


Nature is generally beautiful 

but flowers are more

human beings are generally beautiful 


Rainwater, home



Rainwater, home

If I draw your attention to

the fact that you're crying,

you will discover the window

& rainwater portraying home on the.... READ MORE


Dr. Anissa Sboui

Gangster's hell
Winter's coming
Dangerous captains
Rush pudding
Frozen hearts
Game of thrones READ MORE


By Dr. Anissa Sboui

On his way to church
Aiming at worshipping in solemnity
He made mind up to bring grandchild to seek the spiritual search
Inside the World of God
Hands up, heads down



By Dr. Anissa Sboui

Lump in the throat is back
Lovesickness on truck
Mood of writing to suck



“Alone” By Dr Anissa Sboui

I will be always there

By Walid Abdallah

I will be always there for you

With much love that will always flow

When life is hard and really tough

I will give you support that is enough

Whenever you want to cry

I will be there your READ MORE

Lion  By Walid Abdallah

Addiction By Walid Abdallah

Beyond the Far Cloud By Walid Abdallah


By Abubakar Auwal

"After reading 'wormhole ' by Abubakar Sadiq"

And I am eager to sight how the time run with our days

And I've count breeze in the midst of the wind—



By Abubakar Auwal


"After reading 'wormhole ' by Abubakar Sadiq"

And I am eager to sight how the time run with our days

And I've count breeze in the midst of the wind—

But I am sorry to sight my father's hands as (two)

Dragons; One girting with the past


A Poet’s Prophecy Is Potent 

By Ndaba Sibanda

A poet’s vision transcends boundaries 

Of time, distress, despair and devastation, 

Of pettiness, pretenses and pampered pranks,   

It carries counsel and clarion calls,

It breathes the twins of love and life,


perspective – i

By Dr. Khusi Pattanayak, PhD

what’s your favourite subject?
no, i mean in school.
ice-cream it is! my teacher thinks it is a fantastic idea that i want to be a sorbetiere.
sorbetiere? an ice-cream maker? so why do you want to be a sorbetiere?
ice-cream makes me happy. ice-cream makes everyone happy. READ MORE

perspective – ii

By Dr. Khusi Pattanayak, PhD

i have written a story.
yes. a story about two friends.
two friends?
yes. a lion and a goat.
but lion and goat can’t be friends. the lion will eat the goat.




After her shift finished Myra O’Connor, who was formerly known as Myra
Kim, came home to the apartment in Old City, Philadelphia. She worked at the Taco
Bell in Northeast Philadelphia. The door closed behind her.
Myra walked through the apartment in her work clothes and her high heels.
She hummed very happily. That was because tonight was Myra’s first wedding
anniversary. READ MORE

Room Temperature

By Patricia Walsh

You’ll never cease to be my heaven

Dross enough in attempts and rough drafts

Attempting a saccharine mess extraordinaire


Real Madness is Life

By Patricia Walsh

Turning my back on the wedding, defeated

Like a torso crushed, bleeding in the ground.


Dystopioan utopias 

By Douglas Colston 

'Bad' or 'unfortunate' 

standards, topics, clichés, platitudes and possibilities 

are types of regions 

that negate 

commonly held standards, behaviour and reasoning … 

and opportunities. 


Ἀκροστιχίς ἐπῐ́διώκει τελειότητᾰ Akrostikhís epídiṓkei teleiótēta An Acrostic seeking perfection; or, The oldest, best, sharpest and foremost verse pursues perfection 

By Douglas Colston 


       is a term   

       that describes –   

       in part –   

       the delightful, guiltless and well-informed.   


Introduction to the myth

By Pawel Markiewicz

The myth has happened in darkness of forest,
near the old druidic altar with the stone.
It was foggy then, shrouded in last summer.
Here a fawn was born at dawn and morn - no woe!



By Adriana Rocha

We find ourselves swimming in a sea of fear,

hearing the trumpets of war,

seeing the sky and ground on fire, Then comes the need of surviving,

it starts with a vibration that travels space and time,



What are we? By Adriana Rocha

This is me now By Adriana Rocha


By Patricia Walsh

It’s your turn to be disappointed again

A domestic violence once deployed

Preserving cigarettes for the next destroyed


By Billie Ream

F**king hell, what an end of year this has been for me, moving out of home trying out new avenues with myself, trying to figure out what I can do that is better than my past circumstances. READ MORE

                 The California Poppy Times



by Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

As snow descends on city streets he goes
from store to store this hectic Christmas Eve.
He wants a special gift for Anna Rose    READ MORE

By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy
He lives alone inside a rusted shack
with nothing but a puppy for a friend.
But on this Christmas Eve the ghosts are back,
his family on whom his dreams depend. READ MORE

By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy
Though sunny days had dwindled to a few,
I felt my roses might remain and grow.
I pampered them with all the love I knew,
restructured their domain with spade and hoe.
But, as I was rejoicing, there appeared READ MORE

By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy
November is a lady,
unsure of what to wear.
Forever changing colors,
she strips her closets bare
until dead leaves are hanging
in states of disrepair. READ MORE

by Anna Emilia

It's that time again, it's divine

Christmas is in style so versatile

Time to go to the attic escastic

See what's in there, no time to spare

Exchanging spring and summer clothes


By Alexander Mazoni

Christmas signs.
Whilst holiday shopping, I spy a long line leading from the center of the mall.
Little children, lists in hand, stand tall.
Some are playing—
they’re all awaiting their turn on ol’ Santa’s knee.
Most are in masks, for the COVID pandemic does not take a “well-earned” holiday season
Yet their excitement, it cannot be completely stifled by the hordes of scowling-angry adults. READ MORE

By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

When I was a girl in the '40s, we always went to church services on Christmas Eve. Our church was located deep in the piney woods of East Texas. It was a small, unpainted log house with a saw-dust floor.  READ MORE

By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

When I was eight years old, I was totally spoiled. My parents catered to my every wish. I
had toys and games by the dozens and never wanted for anything. When Christmas rolled
around, I was indulged even more. Candy, fruit, nuts, more toys and new clothes were  READ MORE

By Derek Huntington

We make genetically modified organisms,
And turn them into new plants and foods.
Is that like us playing God?
Should we be doing it?
Is it right?
Is it what he'd want?
Will there be consequences?



By David Dephy 

The storms displace the world 

without washing us away.

A few centuries pass. 


Once Upon a Christmas

By Nigel Williams

Does he remember the hour, or the year of his leaving,

of his departing, or the reasons there given  

does he lay awake, under those dreamy night stars 

upon that cold bench, and think of the past     READ MORE

12 Days

By Ndaba Sibanda
On the twelfth day of Christmas
my happy honey sent me twelve heavy honeycombs
with eleven live busy bees buzzing around
hungrily l ploughed my mouth into them
and WOW! ten sharp stings were drilled into me in return
at nine o`clock l was whizzed to a funny family doctor


by Megha Gupta

Cold dark room,

Why it is the only place I can hide, 

I realized that he knew,

I really wished that I had known,

How much pain he was going to give me.

I heard footsteps outside,

Those footsteps was moving viciously with thuds,

That made me yearn for a chance to ran away for muds.



Showcasing Tina Rimbaldo's artwork and photographs

Oil Painting By Ann Privateer:

By Derek Huntington

I was asked if I could choose any time in history to live,

When would I choose?

I personally don't think I belong or fit in this current time,
But honestly I don't think I could choose a specific time.
There are so many things I'd want and could be a part of in history.
There are so many things I could change or stop from happening.

Or prepare us for READ MORE

By Arik Mitra

What art thou, more than mine hat?
Dost blown away by light at that!
When I turn back and laugh at thee,
Thou dost naught, so much as frown at me! READ MORE

Theatre Follies

By Arik Mitra
The sinews drip,
like sonance from taps,
to put show in jest,
visuals clandestine,
of a play of time,   READ MORE


By Ann Privateer

Here on this day when every moment
Slips away, nothing lasts but erosion
Particles unfurl, form disappears
But today, we celebrate with


By Ann Privateer

almost, to be never, to sit
in the midst of the forest
and know time passes
and it also lingers READ MORE

in my mind's soft eye
I continuously questioning, "why"
so many levels of inaction


Behind the Face

Behind the surface, white and glossy
The rough black stones of pricking jealousy.
Smiling congratulations on your grand success
They, with uneven lid, gnawing pain suppress.


By Rangit Roy

A man and his wife

Stands against all odds

Working harder and harder

By Allan Lake

Crying baby at next table, bark-
ing dog after midnight, loud
disco beat just after dawn,
migraine, brain cancer.
Big-scream TV and I turn each
other on. There’s an abundance
of trumpery about, taking up
so much of now-muted screen. READ MORE

By Ashley Moss

Let’s get in the car, and take a drive.

I want to go to a place where the

Mississippi River flows.

I want to stroll along Beale Street.

Mud Island River Park I want to ... READ MORE

By Billie Ream

Have you ever got a phone call that makes you drop your jaw in a bit of
dismay, hearing that you are being let off your job that you’ve only been
working at for the seventh shift. That happened to me last week. Yep, you
know the tour guide job I mentioned last month well I had gave it my all and to
be honest I had no idea what I was doing. READ MORE

By Derek Huntington


It's our greatest strength,
And our greatest weakness.


That's a word that gets used a lot,
But do we think about why we say it?
Do we think about who we say it to?
Do we think about why we love them?


By Arik Mitra

boundless cosmos expands
as my outline floats,
slower time none abides,
no body or bone,
with molten soul,
transparent conduit
the nebulae glimpse, READ MORE


By Shweta Krishnan

A signature

on the dotted line

of a stamped paper;

Legal jargon    READ MORE

                 The California Poppy Times


By Billie Ream

What a month it has been in Victoria Australia, we have had floods taking over our lands from torrential downpour engulfing our skies. It’s Melbourne’s weather on steroids, bucketing down with force then...    READ MORE

By Ann Privateer

Running in the rain
Sensing freshness all about
Seeing luster and shine
Hearing a perter pat 


By Ann Privateer

a canopy of maple trees
that grew above the street
empty bottles clanging
in a wagon, wheels humming do re me


By Ann Privateer

At the door of my nightmare--
From cradle to crib to cot
Each well fitting, until a four posted
Double bed, complete with
Night mares of who or what
Lived beneath, fish swimming


By Durga Mishra

Glimpse of memories

A thing to remember

Was his reminder

That was my promise

I gave him forever 


By Toni Stewart-Sales


Mother silently peers, from behind a tree,

Watching the destruction of her family.

Raging fires that consume the earth,

A forest of trees from which she gave birth. 


By Toni Stewart


“And I promise you,” are the words she cried,

“Never again will I trust in any of your lies.”

As his Trickery of words,

Were all empty and absurd.

As he painted a complete vision         READ MORE

By Sharanya B.

Pickled roseapples

Through a glass jar

Magnolia garland





Fresh beet-stained lips


By Stephen Barile

First explored by Spanish Army troops

From Mission San Juan Baptista,

Led by Jose de Guadalupe Cantua,

Son of a prominent Californio Ranchero

In the 19th-century Mexican era

Of early California history,


Photo Source:  Anne Privateer

Mr Lonely.

By Peace Nkeiruka

Mr Lonely, you look like me,

Why stare at me when I look in the mirror?

You know the creatures

That creep on the floor boards,



By Peace Nkeiruka

To ashes to ashes

We rise with the morning,

We cover the sun,

Gliding on the wind

Over fields of corn

We have our full.


By Ranjit Roy

Beneath the monsoon sky

Stands tall the Guardian Diety Kanchenjunga 

Engulf a small paradise with flowing Teesta

As sacred as Mighty Ganga

From north into the south 

And east into the west , beauty 

Sprinkle at its best - the high hills     READ MORE

By Basila Hasnain

Everyone was taught Seasons using an anchor chart in her class. It showed a circle bearing all
four seasons inside it, each quarter of the circle neatly packed a season and on the outside each
fraction had an arrow, indicating from one to another a never-ending spin from Summer to
Autumn, Autumn to Winter, Winter to Spring and Spring in turn pointing back to Summer. She
was fascinated by this merry go round of human life divided in segments of seasons safely tied to
each other but never overlapping, never changing their course always predictable and pleasant,
offering a sort of consolation that every change will be reversed once the cycle is over.      READ MORE

Photo Source: Ann Privateer

Sing For Me

By Lynn White


Sit quietly now,

no more frog-like croaks

it’s a bit of a muddle

but soon

all the notes will be set free

and re-arranged untidily.     READ MORE

Photo Source:  By Cynthia

By John Grey

The moon is full.
The wind is dying.
The shoreline celebrates lovers.
In high-rises,
in riverside mansions,
wealth and business are put to sleep.
Emotional owls hoot softly
to one another.
They trust each other’s hands.

By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

The Whims Of November
November's days are cold and gray,
its main agenda, snow.
The cardinal has disappeared,
replaced by heathen crow.


By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy 

Come autumn you’ll see them,
the children of November,
rustling down streets,
hopping skipping
leaves---      READ MORE

By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

My Siamese and I have run away
in dreams, to Egypt where the sand is white.
She purrs a song this cold, November day. READ MORE

More Dorthy LaVern McCarthy:

The Frog's Farewell

After The Blizzard

Lady Bug

Earth Songs

October Moments

My Tropical Vacation

A Warty Frog Explains

An Old Man's Wallet


October's Agenda

Down Autumn's Way

The Singing Duel

By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

"Who is doing that horrible howling?" Minerva asked, holding her hands over her
ears. Her son, Marvin, replied...    READ MORE

By Allan Shawa

I hear silence in perpetuity,
I am perturbed,
Irked by the stillness
That lurks incessantly.
The absence of the serene voice
Pokes a void
That seeks your whispers. READ MORE

By Guna Moran

Like the mercury in a thermometer
Faith too goes up and down
This morning one haggled
over faith at my home
Hunting here and there on the round earth
he came to me upset
and asked one thousand rupees....  READ MORE

By Guna Moran

Fly away oh bird
The iron cage
I’ve opened
Fly away
to the twig
of your chosen tree
Fly away oh bird
At will I’ve let you
come out of the cage 


By Mark Wayne Shifflet

A paragon of poetry is like a walk into my heart.

Like ink set to paper a wonderful work of art.

Like walking through a park watching children play.

Seeing animals watch their young as they go on their way.

Like beauty of the soul writing what they feel.


By Rangit Roy

Gentle warmness of the sun

And the brightest of the blue sky

is it a lump of snow or cloud...

i still have a doubt

How well I remember

Like a dreamer sky surfer  READ MORE

The California Poppy Times-- October 2022


By Dorthy LaVern McCarthy

Beneath a jack-o-lantern moon
the ghosts and goblins trick-or-treat.
The wind begins an eerie tune
beneath a jack-o-lantern moon. READ MORE


More By Dorthy La Verne McCarthy:

Halloween Night 

On Halloween 

by Tejaswinee Roychowdhury

 She has come home to the fields of saffron

for she dreamt she walked between ridges,

scarf against familiar valley winds,

little again, in ribboned pigtails.         READ MORE

By Durga Mishra


That blue bright sky

That bright sun

And that shiny cloud

Are now being covered

Slowly, smoothly and unknowingly       READ MORE

Tina Rimbaldo's Column:

By Stephen Smithyman

I had that dream again, last night. My wife was sitting, looking at herself in her dressing table
mirror. At first, the reflection showed her face. Then it showed a skull – a naked, disgusting skull,
with hollow eye-sockets, a hole where the nose should be, and rows of teeth, locked together in a
never-ending grimace. 


By Shelley Sanders-Gregg

I plod through each day.

Painstakingly, I smile.

The facade has become my mask,

What I choose to let you see...

Because that is what is easy.


By Maggie Kaprielian

Our affinity used to fly

above the surface. 


With your soul intertwined with mine,

we waltzed through ballrooms and

ran through colossal hallways... 


The end of a Devil

By Fantasy Wings
Oh, God! Not today, please! Not today! hiding himself between the crowds of children, Jai
mummed these words to himself.           READ MORE

Photo Source:  Anne Privateer

Melbourne's Halloween

By Billie Ream


Growing up in the western suburbs of Melbourne, celebrating Halloween can be anti-climactic when I think back to my younger years. Not that I didn’t have fun, I loved dressing up as a vampire or some ghoulish creature with a scary mask roaming the streets knocking on peoples doors for Lollie's or whatever they had to offer. It wasn’t strange to knock on the odd person's door and hear the words “fuck off, this isn’t America”.  READ MORE


By Ann Privateer

In case you haven’t heard
Wing bats
Are really disguised dingbats
Well, sometimes they ping
Instead of ding in this electronic
Age of chirps and pings... READ MORE

Happy Halloween  Halloween Moon

By Ojo Olumide

thoughts begin          like bubbles        like wishes       afloat
in awe of a         levitation           which lips         rack to expatiate


By Ojo Olumide

you bump into a stream &
your shadow leaps ashore…
by the edge of this stream
two doves sits on a string of hay
they kiss each other, deep like a mourner-
using his lips to heal a bereaved         READ MORE

Photo Source: Ann Privateer

Matilda's Halloween

By Dorthy LaVerne McCarthy

It was a usual workday Monday, and Jeff Dobbs was running late. He had slept
through his alarm clock's warning. Omitting his usual shower, he brushed his teeth ....READ MORE


Blood Feast

By Dorthy LaVerne McCarthy

It was only mid-morning, but Lucretia had already collected thirty pints of blood. She had
them stored in three coolers, filled with crushed ice, in her car. So far, she had only had trouble

Halloween Dance

By Dorthy LaVerne McCarthy Spencer

In the early morning hours of Halloween, there was a happening at Rivercrest
Cemetery. The only living person to see this was Mortimer Howz, a man who passed by
the cemetery on his way to work. Mortimer was no coward, but he always felt a shiver up
his spine when he approached it. Usually, he hurried past it, glad to be on his way. READ MORE

Photo Source: Ann Privateer

By Kinga Bisits

accepts lists of invitees to nurture a friend

eats alone all-day 

practices patience into the early hours

seeks connection beyond just activity

flowers brilliant at words of love uttered by


By Maid Corbic

I still feel present in everything.
I am someone who loves love.
But I also want to feel the fear again.
When other people create things
The kind I don't hope for READ MORE

By Ranjit Roy


Walk!ng the downtown 

A clown with a crown

These spoofed crowd

Heart's cold and souls sold

Can't distinguish a diamond among gold


By Pristine Wrights

The chains you put on me are getting rusty and worn. The darkness you caged me within has become my companion. The days are slowly crawling into months.    READ MORE

By Pristine Wrights

I was too innocent to understand. I was naive. I thought you were the sheep you portrayed to be. I played with your soft white wool and basked in the comfort that came with it. I had myself consciousness so loose because you made seem like being careful was a waste of time. I was just an innocent minded child, who needed the love and care of someone. 


By Toni S.

How Fake Hollyweird will follow the instructions of the well-oiled P.R. team and the Academy. READ MORE

By Christopher T.

Translated By Julia Mcraczny

- I wish to terminate it.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- You know, it's only the second week. You have four more to think...
- I know, but I've already thought about it, and I'm sure. READ MORE

By Vasti Carrion

In Germany, in a village of Miltenberg,
is where Lily The Münster Cheese Slice lives,
a franken-cheese slice, rising on the dawn
of Halloween, Victoria The Scientist--
Lily Münster Cheese Slice's creator 


By Christopher T.

Translated By Julia Mraczny

I will somehow manage these decades without sex - in the worst-case scenario, that's how
much she has left. I can't stand what's happening to her: she's shrinking, wrinkling, turning grey


The California Poppy Times--September 1st, 2022

VOLUME 4                                                      CHECK OUT OUR PREVIOUS CONTENT: POETRY FICTION NEWS  and SUBMIT


"Do you have a problem?"

By Ace Boggess

—roadside billboard

Sorrow leans against a lamppost &
observes from a distance.
Grief shackles neither of my wrists.
Rage-pain? Hate-stroke? Hurt?
Silly limericks, obscenely fleeting.

“Was There a Dream as an Image or a Moment?”

"Which Problems Are Ok to Ignore?"



By Binod Dawadi

I am not dependent on you,

I am alone and happier,

I am enjoying a lot,

I don't want help from anyone,

I understand my life,

I want to live in alone and peace,        READ MORE


The Gossips

By Binod Dawadi

They sold me,

They hate me,

They tell me I am,

Worse and bad,

They tell me to,

Become this and that,

They comments, READ MORE


Finding a Mate

By Kevin Ahern

In spring, a little hummingbird male

Makes flower bouquets with nectar

Cuz when he calls upon a mate

He hopes it will attrectar


In regards to people having rhythm       READ MORE

"The Cloud"

By John McNerney

Is this a new limbo?


If I place my poetry

in “The Cloud”, perhaps

it could never reach

cyber paradise?


Don’t you think

a few of my poems ....



once in a purple moon

By Linda Crate

i dream of running
barefoot through the wood,
living in the trees;
being surrounded by creek
and crows and wildflowers—
i dream of endless autumns
never too cold or too warm,
just exactly right;


the sun is a frenemy

a better friend

hate me if you want

humidity isn't nice


Sands of Time

By Anonymous 

The sands of time keep marching on,

while the waves wash over me.

Like a statue standing there,

won't someone set me free?

I want to fly above it all,

and see beyond tomorrow.


"A Native California newspaper rooted with words and blooming with news and poetry." 
~ The Editor

                   Photo Source: Billie Ream

Poetry Column III:

FEATURE: By Dorthy LaVerne McCarthy Spencer

The Garden Gnome

In my back yard there lives a garden gnome.
I bought him from a wizard long ago.
I put him there in his forever home
to guard the grass and watch the pansies grow.
But he does more to earn his keep. His trace
of magic keeps unfriendly winds at bay.
Pink roses sprinkle petals on his face.
Petunias love him in a tender way.

An Autumn Garden

There’s no one in the garden shed.
It’s rather soon, I know.
A battered rake is on the floor
beside a dusty hoe.
A coffee can holds trowels and tools
that help a garden grow.


Glory People

By Ann Privateer

As luscious as parchment                           
The languishing stalactites
Branch out and grow

Sono Contento 

by Yi Jung Chen

Clomping around in the wooden clogs,
my eyes cast a glance at the Common schefflera on the balcony.
You used to perform a trick with it,
the petiole fallen unharmed within your palm.
Vexed by the bad smell of nicotine,
you brought it back as a gift for me.        READ MORE

The Minnow by Yi Jung Chen


Muscle Memory

By Sara Sarna

Bodies tough and fragile.

Hearts strong and weak.

Resilient and easily crushed.

I have been here before,

damaged, uncertain,

until each muscle recalls



                                  Graphic Design: Vasti Carrion

First Seen

By Lynn White

First Seen

Now you see it!

A tunnel sculptured in ice.

Pass through.


Now it’s behind you

out of sight.

Pass through. READ MORE



By John Grey

They were the first to see the light.

I’m not sure my brain ever has.

Or ever will.

And they were witness to

what the rest of me could only imagine.

Sure, they couldn’t explain

who those people in white were    READ MORE

Where Galaxies Die and Hearts Collide

By Anonymous

What if I should say I love you?

What kind of love is this?

Just a blink of an eye and then we die.

But oh no, Oh no                READ MORE


Melbourne a city that...

By Billie Ream

Melbourne a city that brings people together to share their words, whether it be festivals or a quiet
afternoon with a handful of people in a pub at the back of Richmond a light shines on poetry. it may be
hidden on the walls as you walk the streets during the days. it could abuptly cause a gathering of people
coming together for days thrown together for festivals of those willing to share their mind and peculiar
hearts....            READ MORE


By Vasti Carrion

The fog of Satan’s breath lurks the plaid skirts
of October,
The screechings of the abandoned mental health
By a vampire with syringe sharp nails
Infected with HIV virus blood.

Gothic Surrogacy

By Bidisha Chakraborty

Night, so alluring as phantasmagoria
Steeps within the juncture of normalcy
Walking all alone I am,
My companions restricted to amphibrats
An old church tempts my veneration

Venom        Gynotion* 



By Lisa Gallant

A man walks down the street 

with a child on his shoulders

big pink coat bopping

up and down 

 A hat drops 

and I think 

how easily things 

can be lost    READ MORE

Panta Rhei 

By Yi Jung Chen

In the summer haze,

the reddish hue took on its reddish hue.

Putting a finger to your lip,

you carefully inspected the forest ghost flower.

Prim and prissy,

the briny sweats seeping into my skin,     READ MORE



Black and Red

By Daniel Moreschi 

Within a latent, pathless peak,

A mountain’s womb begins to leak

The flicker of a fervid hue,

When primal mantles stir a brew.

An exhale turns into a cloud

That scatters as a stony shroud,

While foam and fume pervade a thrust

And stoke the trails of a cradled crust. READ MORE



By Carl Scharwath

Lacrimal glands creating
basal, emotional, and reflex tears
they say are good for your eyes.

The hypostases of three
in a washtub of emotional water
overflowing in sad memories.


Travail     Unified    Morphon



By Maid Corbic

I always give love and peace.
I'm not someone who just wants to watch wars.
because it makes me very restless.
and I think that a better world stands for us
only if we look at everything from the bright side
I am someone who wants to achieve peace.
various little things and that we all always hang out


Photo Source: Vasti Carrion

Space_Exclamat!on and T!me

By Ranjit Roi

W!ll ! am Shakespeare ,         1564 - 1616

W!ll ! am Wordsworth ,           1757 - 1827

W!ll ! am Butler Yeats ,          1864 - 1939


"A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language. ~ W. H. Auden"

The California Poppy Times  VOLUME 3:

An Afternoon Affair

By Zachary Guadamour

She sits on the bed naked under

a bath towel draped around her

the quiet voice of her husband

comes from the radio by tie bed

empty phrases live on in silence

the air packed with deceit  READ MORE

Our Silver Star

By James Little

Our Silver Star

I know she’s fine and happy there,

but here I sit in silent prayer and frightened by the load I bear. 

Why leave me down in this domain

my Jesus God and take my life entire? READ MORE

Dealing With Crossroads in Life

By Athena Milios

As I flew toward that vital fork in my road
I feared I was about to see my life implode.
How would I ever decide which path to take?
Decisions were pending and a lot was at stake. 


Granny's Chair

By  Lorraine's Poems

Granny’s Chair

Granny’s chair it sits here empty

granny’s chair sits feeling blue

granny’s chair sits with its memories

thinks of all it has been through.

Days of rocking the sweet baby




By Funkekeme Akposeye

a sensitive young cow stood in a chief's compound

a tiny dirty rope on it's neck held it to a nearby tree

the wind spoke into it's ear without making sound

it said "mighty creature of flesh you'll never be free"

the sensitive cow  ........ READ MORE


By Funkekeme Akposeye

I am simply a boy who was raised by a river

The smooth and slippery banks of the Niger

It will be responsible for rearing me forever

A long abandoned dreamer, a kind stranger

I grew up farming.....READ MORE

The surgical poet

By Melvey koka (The Surgical Poet)


Where is justice for

The kid who was

Killed down the road

And thrown under the bridge.

Where is justice .....READ MORE

I'll Be Missing You

By Tammy Wilson

This is a letter to you Aunt Essie Mae here goes give me some luck.

I want to know what its like in heaven?

Are you with Grandma and grandad?

Is your gold still shining?  READ MORE


Rushing Whispers

 By Elizabeth WIll

Brooks holding silhouettes
of winter beneath
icy hands and breastless
            sliding through waves.


Stars And Angels

By Brett Strotman

Stars shining brightly in heaven

                   Angels in the stars 


She is keeper 

By Alyssa Ann

She is the keeper of my secrets
She witnesses me without judgment
She knows l belong to no-one

Original Poem

By Barbara Wikle

Dear Mom and Dad

 I'm so sorry that things were messed up, 

 when I was just an innocent kid.

 I ended up in foster care,


Camelot Kingdom U.S.A

By Debbie Kim Kennedy

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Song Lyrics From New York

By Ato Cox

"As I wake up from my

 sleep, having had a long dream,

   About so many

 things in life, but now I

 feel mean,


Hopelessly Forgetting Myself 

By Jouska_ToHeal

With every sunrise,

I fly towards becoming someone new

bearing the hefty weight of solitude

of forgetting the ‘she’ I used to be        READ MORE

The Abandoned McDonald's
By Tony Anderson

You can hear the ghosts of the past here
Children laughing
Orders being made
Conversations by grown ups

Mold and dust have covered it now
Boarded windows and doors
A depressing place
Where childhood was     

  READ MORE     




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