Panta Rhei

By Yi Jung Chen

In the summer haze,
the reddish hue took on its reddish hue.
Putting a finger to your lip,
you carefully inspected the forest ghost flower.
Prim and prissy,
the briny sweats seeping into my skin,
along with the boozy joy in your eyes,
packed a punch on my body.
Your snooty attitudes used to

completely disarm me.
In dappled light,
my heart succumbed to
the peach cobbler you’d served.
Beyond the limit of tidal currents,
my passions for you had been shoved aside.
The disillusionment of forced perspective,
the bowerbird perched on my brain
turfed you out of my world,
like the moonlight skimming over the sea.


Published on September 1st, 2022




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