Volume 3

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An Afternoon Affair

By Zachary Guadamour                                                                               


An Afternoon Affair


She sits on the bed naked under

a bath towel draped around her

the quiet voice of her husband

comes from the radio by tie bed

empty phrases live on in silence

the air packed with deceit


Behind her back the door

to the bathroom stands open

beyond a pane of clinical whiteness

another door leads to a fire escape


While her husband’s voice speaks

a patter of footsteps on the staircase


Looking over the shoulder

through the glass panel of frosted door

her husband's head and shoulders develop

a print in a photographers tank


Her husband stands there for the longest time

holds the brass knob in his hand

as if in deep thought

then shakes he head slowly

with and air of perplexity

before diminishing on the glass

footsteps retreating

a dull scale of notes

leaves us feeling

guilty and empty


 Published on August 1st, 2022





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